We would like to thank you for visiting BUDOJAPAN.com and our official Facebook page.

Through our website, we have been providing content in a variety of forms to convey the appeal of Japanese Budo/Bujutsu; content including videos, photos, interviews, articles etc. The popularity of martial arts outside Japan goes well beyond the imagination of Japanese people, and we have been able to attract many martial arts’ enthusiasts who appreciate the value of these arts and are deeply interested in them. In order to help us create and disseminate our content even further, we would like to conduct a survey on the interest, current status of initiatives and demand regarding Japanese Budo and Bujutsu among visitors to the BUDOJAPAN.com website and our official Facebook page.

The survey includes questions about “Budo Tourism” i.e. traveling to Japan to practice and experience martial arts. Lately, the Japan Sports Agency and the Japan Tourism Agency have been focusing on Budo Tourism as a new form of Japanese sports-related content that combines sports activities and traveling. There is great demand from practitioners who wish to further their martial arts’ skills in Japan, their arts’ home country, as well as from beginners who are experiencing martial arts for the first time. However, with Budo Tourism still at an early stage in Japan and with the actual demand from abroad still unknown, we would like to hear your thoughts on Budo Tourism.

Your views and opinions will be very helpful for us as a basis to create and disseminate content through the BUDOJAPAN.com website and related social media and to develop policies and actions for the future growth of Budo Tourism. All responses will be processed statistically and the names of respondents, organizations, and groups will not be made public.

We would be very happy to receive feedback from as many people as possible.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

◎Survey period: 2022/5/2-2022/5/31
◎Target group: People who study or are interested in Budo/Bujutsu (Japanese martial arts)
◎Special prize for survey respondents: Among the respondents who provide their name and email address in this survey, 100 will be chosen by raffle and each will receive 5 free invitations to watch the titles listed below through the BUDOJAPAN Video on Demand service!
※Details on how to use the invitations to watch the Video on Demand will be sent to the winners by email

◎The results of the survey will be edited and published later on the BUDOJAPAN website.


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